“They are real (true) philosophers those who like to contemplate the truth and all philosophy, not part of it.” Socrates by Plato in The Republic (380 BC).

“How many tears you pour in me, how many sorrows awaken compassion in me.” Words of the Goddess Athena (or God using Her as allegory) in a dream which I learned a new word in old, poetic and cult Portuguese: “condoessem” (awaken compassion) of the unknown verb to me at that time “condoer” (“with pain”) (March 7th 2016).

“I am open to talk and teach for free since when we teach we learn and when we learn we teach. As real philosophers do not charge to teach wisdom like sophists intend or pretend to do, since the main interest of real philosophers is to learn and share knowledge and the second is to be appreciated by his/her friends by words, dialogue and friendship, if the student wants to show appreciation he or she can donate the amount he or she wants or think the real philosopher deserves.” (Dec. 12th 2016).


Enkrateo (born Douglas Ribeiro, 1981 CE) is a 21st Century Philosopher, true and real philosopher according to Socrates and Plato definition of philosopher in The Republic (380 BCE), who is also metaphysicist, historian, philologist, lexicologist, linguist, etymologist, etiologist, mythologist, former Wikipedian Encyclopedist (Wikipedia.org), former translator and interpreter (Google.com and Wikipedia.org), methodologist. Social, moral, ethical and political scientist. Cosmologist, theoretical physics scientist, natural theologist, tautological logician and ontologist.

Ph.D. candidate (Direct Doctorate) in Ancient Philosophy (Socrates, Plato; Socratic Method: Maieutics or Dialectical Method), is member of Harvard University´s Center for Hellenic Studies´ Kosmos Society, member of Hellenion.org and Arete.org.br – Centro de Estudos Helênicos. Member of the National Association of MD and PhD studies in Philosophy ANPOF – Brazil (ANPOF.org), member of the Academic Research Group of Plato and Platonism at ANPOF and member of the Brazilian Society of Platonist’s Group (sbplatonistas) since 2016. Post-graduate as Special Student, Philosophy Teaching Undergraduate and Philosophy Graduate Student at Universidade de Sao Paulo, has a first Bachelor Degree in Social Communication with Advertising and Publicity Emphasis at Universidade Metodista de Sao Paulo (2001-2005). Erasmus Philosophy Student at Facoltà di Lettere e Filosofia of Università di Roma II (2012), won highest grades in Aristotle´s Metaphysics and Nietzsche´s The Born of Tragedy. Won an Academic Merit Scholarship by his home university. Has academic and professional experience (theory & practice) in research since 2001 and teaching since 2005.

Supervisors: Γαῖα (Gaia), Προμηθεύς (Prometheus), Ζεύς (Zeus, Deus, God), Ἀθηνᾶ (Athena), Ἀπόλλων (Apollo), Ἀφροδίτη (Aphrodite), Φόβος (Phobos), Ἁρμονία (Harmony), Κράτος (Power), Μοῖραι (Moirai, Fates), Δίκη (Dike, Justice), Ἡρακλῆς (Heracles), Χάριτες (Charites, Gratiae, Graces), Μοῦσαι (Muses), Μορφεύς (Morpheus) , my δαίμων (Daimon: lesser god, guiding spirit, tutelary deity, spirit, angel, guardian angel, better angel), and Σωκράτης (Socrates).

Address: 2011 – Current AD: University of São Paulo, Brazil (9 years on 2019 AD).
2012 – 2013 AD: University of Oxford, England (In person: 1 week, On-line: Term: Trinity; 3 months).
2012 AD: Università degli Studi di Roma La Sapienza, Italy (1 month).
2012 AD: University of Rome II, Italy (6 months).
2009 AD: University of Alaska, USA (6 months).
2009 AD: Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo, Brazil (6 months).
2008 AD: University of Brasilia, Federal District, Brazil (1 month).
2007 AD: Foundation Armando Alvares Penteado, São Paulo, Brazil (1 month).
2005 AD: Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technologies, Toronto, Canadá (1 month).
2005 AD: Methodist University of Sao Paulo, Brazil (4 years).

Born: 1981 CE – São PauloBrazil

Died: ? AD (age: ?), City: ?, State: ?, Country: ?.

Ethnicity and Nationality: Dual-citizenship: Brazilian/Portuguese. By father: Portuguese; By mother: Italian and Brazilian Amerindian/Indigenous: Tupi. According to Science and Darwin´s Origin of Species Theory: African since for Darwin life began there.

Genealogy: Portugal: Ribeiro Family. Italy: Franco Family and Capello Family: Bianca Capello and Ambrosius Capello.

Era: Contemporary Philosophy 21st Century

Region: Western philosophy and Eastern Philosophy. Worldwide Philosophy: Internet.

Schools: West: HomericPre-socratismMilesian SchoolPythagoreansHeraclitus (535 – 475BC). Eleatic_SchoolPluralistsAtomists and SophistsSocratismPlatonism and Aristotelianism. Stoicism, Neoplatonism and Gnosticism.RationalismLiberalismBritish Empiricism, Social Contract, Natural LawHumanism, RepublicanismScottish EnlightenmentClassicalEconomicsGerman IdealismObjective idealismAbsolute idealismHegelianismHistoricismFrench EnlightenmentRenaissance humanismRenaissance SkepticismNatural PhilosophyClassical RealismEmpiricismDeterminism, MaterialismEthical egoismPolitical RealismRomanticismNaturalismSentimentalism. Pragmatism.

East: Chinese, Japanese and Indian.

West and East: Founder of Neosocratism, Neosocratism-platonic and Real Enkratism.

Fields and Main interests:

1.Political, Moral and Social Philosophy:  Ethics,  Rhetoric,  Art,  Literature,  Epistemology,  Justice,  Virtue,  Politics,  Education,  Family,  Militarism,  Friendship,  Love,  Music,  Poetry,  Theatre,  Aesthetics,  Politics,  Power,  Separation of Powers,  Law  and  Government;  Anacyclosis. Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Expression, and Separation of Church and StateInternational Relations Theory.

2.Sciences: On Organic Life: Biology,  Zoology,  Medicine   and  Genetics.  Philosophy of MindDreams (On inorganic life). On matter and non-matter:  Physics;  Theoretical PhysisMetaphysicsFreewillCausal Determinism,  Etiology,  Cosmology   and  Astronomy. On Financial Relations: EconomyCapitalism and Communism.

3.Philosophy of Language and Linguistics:  Rhetoric,  Logic,  Ontology,  Tautology,  Philology, LexicologyEtymologyEtiologyComputer software, Social networking.

4.HistoryPhilosophy of History; Theory of History;  Anacyclosis.  History of PhilosophyEncyclopedism: Wikipedianism and Wikipedian Encyclopedism.

5.Philosophy of Sport: Return of Pankration to the Olympic Games since is in Mixed Martial Arts which is a billionaire financial success trough UFC and is the soul of Olympism, ergo the soul of the ancient Olympic Games who inspired the creation of Colosseum or Coliseum in Rome – Italy by the Roman Empire which influenced all Stadiums and Arenas worldwide. It´s an absurd the Olympic Games have many foreign martial arts and do not have its own native martial art included, protected and promoted.

6.Religion (On Inorganic Life):  Theology;  Natural Theology: Monotheistic  Abrahamic MythologyJudaismChristianismSpiritism by Allan Kardec   and  Islam. Polytheistic  MythologyGreekMythologyEgyptian Mythology, African-Brazilian  Candomblé Mythology,African-Brazilian  Umbanda Mythology   and  Buddhism Mythology.  Freedom of Religion,  Freedom of Expression   and  Separation of Church and State.  Theodicy,  Universal Language. Free WillDeterminism and Causal Determinism.

Notable and original ideas: 

  1. Founder of new philosophical schools: Neosocratism, Neosocratism-platonic, Neosocratism-aristotlelic and Real Enkratism.
  2. New words (neologisms) and new concepts: Scientonomy, Inorganic Life, Philofagia, “Lesbian male” (hetero male + homo female = same interest on females) and misogeny, which is the hatred of, contempt for, or prejudice against determined human gene, like color skin, different from misogyny which is the hatred of, contempt for, or prejudice against women or girls.
  3. Quotes, maxims and dogmas: “The perfect is not symmetrical nor is asymmetrical, is the perfect union of both”, “The word can be understood in a positive, negative or neutral way!”, “Peace is war with no crimes, no violence!”, “Perfection in the philosophical life is perfection in practical life!”, “Affirm is to dogmatize, deny is to dogmatize, examine is to philosophize!”, “To affirm is define in a true or false way, to deny is define in a true or false way, to philosophize is to examine which definition is true or false!”,“In God we truce!”, “To be perfect is to be capable of right and wrong doing. If chooses right is good, if chooses wrong is bad. If God is perfect It is both (Bad and Good)!”, “Communism & Capitalism: economic partners & political competitors.”

University Methodist of Sao Paulo, Brazil (Bachelor Degree in Social Communication with Publicity and Advertising Emphasys).