History of Philosophy

  1. Scientific Exception: Dream on August 15th 2016 AD: Socrates´s judgment was religious, not political, confirming there were no democracy in Athens on 399 BC, but theocracy! The judgment was theocratic, made by polytheists members and arguments to satisfy and calm the crowd: I do not know if this information revealed to me in a deep unconscious sleep is true or false, this shall be examined, researched and investigated. Dream apparently similar to that dream in which I learned the word “condoessem” which I posted as an short article at LinkedIn and  Facebook. Description: I entered in a huge marble room with a door window in which a religious leader was showing to the crowd a broken marble sword which I recognized as belonged to a Socrates´ marble statue (At the death of Socrates were there a Socrates´ marble statue in Athens?), a door window view from inside the room to the sun light similar to what the Pope Francis do at Vatican when he wants to speak to the crowd of religious Christian theists and tourists, similar to see the Pope´s back talking to a crowd that can not be seen if you do not approach the door window, but you know is there because of the religious leader oratory behavior. When this ancient religious leader dressed in white Greek clothes turned to me he was gentle and we started to talk, with him laying down in a kind of bench or bed while I was sitting looking at him as he wanted me to be there to talk. I was asked what was I doing there talking to him by no one and justify it was to know about it, and I witnessed the guards being attacked, one I saw when a sword was inflicted in him up down in the back while others were fighting (was a revolt, deaths and conflicts because of Socrates´s death?). If God or the Gods revealed a historic truth to me like was reveled a word I did not know in a tense I never knew in a phrase I was not used to read or hear it is because, my believe may be wrong, He, She or It wants me to know and share an forgotten or hidden knowledge that mankind must know, proving, if true, human beings can never hide forever the truth to others human beings if He, She or It wants this truth to be revealed. If was not revealed a historic truth at least we can think and examine ourselves how human beings can give any reason or argument to kill someone when they want, specially when shakes the power hierarchy of any nation, mainly when a city-state or nation maybe at stake of a civil war. That ancient leader was apparently in peace, perhaps because Socrates also was in peace with himself and his destiny, which he believed, as Plato wrote, to be or like a sleep in which we do not remember our dreams and we have no more problems to worry about, or like an amazing dream, an after life, which we can have access, talk and learn with the heroes or idols we admired so much in life. But this is my hypothesis related to my point of view and peaceful blessed feeling I am feeling at this moment, short after having awaken from this remarkable thankful dream. Another hypothesis come to my mind, perhaps of Socrates´ theocratic judgment the Vatican wanted or allowed the School of Athens painting in the room the Popes used to sign, deny or authorize documents. The Pope, at least the one who payed for that unique historic painting always could see it and think about the consequences of his acts, like the ancient one who condemned Socrates to exile, but turned to death since Socrates wanted to respect the Athenian law, to calm and pacify the city.  Enkrateo, August 15th 2016 AD. Published here, at LinkedIn and Facebook.

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